The inside scoop on our daily deliveries

Hey there! SO we have been running our same day deliveries for the past couple of months to see how they would go. Turns out they're a hit! More than anything it appears that you guys like the ability to order on the day and have the blooms sent out by lunch time on that very same day as well - who would have thought!?

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We have a seperate Instagram account for our daily deliveries (have a squiz here) so that we don't spam you on our regular Instagram account. While weddings, events and editorial florals are our main gig, we also want to spread some blooms around Perth on a daily basis, so if you're ever wanting something a bit different, you can just hit up our daily deliveries tab on the website! We also love hearing from you, so you can always send us an email if you want a customised flower arrangement as we also love to turn your vision into reality!

 One of our Elite arrangements

One of our Elite arrangements

with so many different options to choose from (starting at $30 including delivery), you'd be pretty mental not to give it a go? right? OK OK enough of the awkward sales pitch. Basically we just wanted to let you all know that we do daily deliveries around Perth, and we also love it when you want us to create a personalised flower deliveries for a loved one. So get in touch already!

OK so it's lunchtime right now and I'm dying for a roll from the Black Truffle so I'll catch ya next week for another blog that maybe 1 or 2 people read (including my mum.....hey Karen!)