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Affordable same day flower delivery around the Perth metro area delivered on weekdays. Flowers change daily as to what is in season in Perth.


A Perth based florist specialising in weddings and events.

we pride ourselves on visually stunning, customised florals that meet all of your wildest dreams.




Hi there, I'm Kate. Some people call me Kessle, some people call me really annoying. I'm ok with both.

I have a pepsi max addiction. I love dogs, more specifically I love my dog (Ziggy. He's a whippet and he's spectacular). If i'm not at the flower markets at 5:30am touching every stem of hydrangea, you can find me drinking a large takeaway flat white or at the beach. I'm the one with the long sleeve rashie, hat and 3 layers of SPF 50+ (I mean have you SEEN those melanoma ads!?). 

I have a serious problem with making too many spotify playlists and the colour black. If you pull out a block of cheese out at a party I'M THERE. I like to read and take photos. I also have an uncomfortable reflex to talk to fill a silence. Don't believe me? Just ask Genny and Georgia. I have more indoor plants that I have friends and I have even more converses than plants (even though I just wear one pair for extended periods at a time).

Nice to meet you! If you want to vibe with me, tag me in a meme and our friendship can only blossom from there. So, I guess I better go because THESE PRETZELS ARE MAKING ME THIRSTY!



Genny from the block. 

Hi, it me. I am the weirdo of the three (although we are all quite weird) I pride myself on it however. I'm obsessed with flower crowns, some would call me a flower crown freak. 

I am a solid lover of the potato chip or ANY sort of junk food. I hear a food wrapper and get excited. However if you try feed me seafood, there will be tears. Some say i'm fussy, I just think it adds character.

Beach and coffee snob is an understatement. There is NOTHING better than starting your day with a coffee and a swim at the beach (in the Fremantle region of course). 

In summer you'll of course find me at the beach, pool or anywhere there is a water source (I DO NOT deal with the heat very well, although if you hand me an ice cream... I'm good to go). And in winter you'll find me at the farm riding dirt bikes, jumping in muddy puddles, chasing cattle and sipping on a glass of wine watching the sunset. 




I'm the Excel ninja of the team or the nerd if you ask the other girls. My strengths don't lie with music so don't quiz me, I NEVER know the answer. I'm a stickler for the rules, seriously though who likes being in trouble. 

I like to think i'm a tomboy, I can snowboard down a black run. Yep, cool, I know. On weekends off you will find me attempting to surf very small waves or skating in South Freo. If i'm really lucky you will find me in Rotto. 

Coffee is my best friend, love me a giant take away cap. We have a big fat lazy Labrador living in our house, his name's Kilo. Oh and one last thing, don't ever make me go to a landlocked place. I won't be happy. Even NYC freaked me out. Thank god for Central Park.